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Price List

Shoulder Mounts:

Whitetail Deer- $450
Mule Deer- $475
Axis Deer- $475
Fallow Deer- $475
Sika Deer- $ 475
Blackbuck Antelope- $450
Aoudad Ram- $475
Corsican Ram- $425
Mouflon Ram- $425
Black Hawaiian Ram- $425
Texas Dall Ram- $475
Elk- $750
Bobcat- $250
Fox- $250
Coyote- $275
Javelina- $300
others price on request

Life Size Mounts:
Bobcat- $525
White-Tail Deer- $2,250
Fox- $500
Coyote- $525
Badger- $525
Raccoon- $325
Squirrel- $200
Ringtail- $275
others price on request



Antler Mounts:
White-Tail Deer- $100
others price on request

European Skull Mounts:
Whitetail Deer- $135
others price on request


Full Hide 1/2 Hide
Deer, axis, fallow $125 > $100
Sheep, Goats $150 > $110
Bobcat, fox, coyote $150
Elk $15 per square foot
others price on request


We only do top quality reproductions.
Our fish are:
$15 per inch one side
$18.50 per inch two sides
*simple base or driftwood included

*Wall Pedestal mounts are an additional $50
*Floor Pedestal mounts are Price on Request
*Half size mounts are 60% of life-size price
*Open Mouth mounts are an additional $100 minimum
*Prices are subject to change without notice
*Custom pedestals available upon request
*All applicable sales taxes
*Deposit of 1/2 Total Amount required on all mounts




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