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Welcome to James Morrison Superior Taxidermy
Located in Walker County, Texas

I am owner and Professional taxidermist of James Morrison Superior Taxidermy.  When I was 15 years old, I harvested my first white-tail buck deer.  I worked all summer long to earn enough money to have my trophy buck mounted.  After waiting well over a year for my trophy to be completed, I was in shock to see the finished product.  My trophy buck literally looked like a dog.  The hide was sewn together so loosely I could fit 2 fingers in the stitch, and you could fit two thumbs in the nostrils.  I took an interest in taxidermy, wanting to make a difference. 

I have been practicing the art of taxidermy for 28 years, and have been a member of the Texas Taxidermy Association since 1995.  One of the greatest benefits of being a member of this association is the ability to interact with other well trained taxidermists.  There aren't any secrets within this industry, and everyone is willing to help out one of their fellow members.  The association hosts seminars and workshops taught by world champion taxidermists that allow me to continuously improve my techniques.

Whitetail deer are my specialty, but I also mount other mammals along with reproduction fish and reptiles.  Please navigate through my web site and see my works.


-James Morrison

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Mason's Taxidermy

My son, Mason, has taken a particular interest in taxidermy over the years.  He competes annually in the Texas Taxidermy Association Youth Division, and has won several blue ribbons.  His specific areas of interest include: reproduction fish, reptiles and amphibians, antler mounts, european mounts, as well as deer shoulder mounts.
Check out his works on Mason's Taxidermy.


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